What do we do?

In our Nursery we aim to

  • Promote education as a partnership with parents
  • Provide high quality, carefully structured play- learning opportunities
  • Engage children in a broad and balanced curriculum which fosters their emotional, intellectual, moral, social, physical and cultural development
  • Ensure that all children have access to the curriculum and make progress appropriate to their developing abilities, irrespective of their gender, ethnic or social background, or special educational needs

Class Organisation and Staffing

The children are welcomed into three classes of upto 15 children. The classes are of mixed age and mixed ability. Four members of staff are based in each class. All our staff:-

  • are trained and experienced in working with young children
  • give your child lots of praise and attention
  • keep your child safe, happy and interested
  • help your child communicate and help them make choices
  • teach them skills
  • encourage their curiosity, active learning and sense of awe and wonder

We are lucky to have extensive resources and are always looking for opportunities to develop further. The nursery has three shared classrooms and a garden which has been developed as an outdoor learning environment. We have a ball pool, a multi sensory room and a small room for speech and language work.

We plan high quality learning experiences based on well planned play, as we believe this is the key way in which children learn with enjoyment. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and strive to ensure that every child’s interests and needs are met. We will tell you more about the EYFS and about your child’s learning during your time with us.

We offer a minimum 60 free part-time places.

Children are admitted in three different ways:

1. Thirty places are allocated to 3 year old children living in the area around the school and admitted in accordance with the school's admissions policy

2. Thirty places are reserved for children with special educational needs

3. Since September up to 14 places are allocated to 2 year old children.

Starting at Nursery

Before your child starts with us we will be happy to show you around, talk about your child’s needs and what we can offer. We will visit you at home in order to get to know your child and will spend as much time as we can learning about them. We want you to feel welcome in the nursery – please tell us at anytime if you have any concerns, we will always listen and help if we can.  We want every child to feel happy and confident with us, some children take longer to settle than others and we understand if you need to stay with your child for a little while.  This is a very important step for your child and if it is handled sensitively it will give him/her greater confidence in other new situations.

Children are allocated a morning or an afternoon placement. Each child can attend for three hours each day. We want to work in partnership with you to ensure that your child’s step into nursery is managed in the best way possible.

Outings and Visits

From time to time children are taken out on outings to local places of interest, including The Forest Trail, Alice Holt and the local allotments.   We always obtain parents’ consent before we go.  The curriculum is enriched with visitors for example ‘Earth Song’ and a travelling farm.