A Typical Day

Pattern of the Day

Your child can access their 15 hours free Early Education entitlement across either 5 mornings or 5 afternoons. Nursery hours are:

8.45 am – 11.45 or 12.45pm – 3.45pm.
Lunch- Club will operate from 11.45am – 12.45pm each day.
We can offer Lunch Club on request as a paid additional extra session at a cost of £2.50 per day.


At the beginning of the session, parents/carers are asked to help their child to select their name from a board in the entrance hall and ensure that a member of staff marks him/her present in the register. Parents/carers and children then come into the nursery where children are encouraged to hang up their coat and place their name on a board. Children are then free to play at any activity within the nursery. Parents are encouraged to settle their child at an activity and perhaps play with them for a few minutes if time allows.

During the session children meet together in their class groups for a drink and fruit, during this time children will be encouraged to talk about some of the activities they have done during the session and then to participate in a group activity.

All children meet together towards the end of each session for “songs & rhymes”; the last song of the day is "Roly Poly" which helps the children learn the routine of the day and to know that the session is finished.

What are the Children Learning?           

At Bushy Leaze every child matters. We welcome your child to a caring, secure atmosphere of purposeful learning and exciting challenges. All our children are encouraged and valued equally, we believe that every child within our care should have access to a broad, balanced and purposeful curriculum.  We plan high quality learning experiences based on well planned play, as we believe this is the key way in which children learn with enjoyment. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum - to find out more, please READ ME.  We strive to ensure that every child’s interests and needs are met. We will tell you more about the EYFS and about your child’s learning during your time with us.