Family Support Services

Family Support Staff

Family Support Leader - Ann Blackman

Senior Early Years Practitioner - Amy Rowland (currently on maternity leave)

Senior Family Support Outreach Worker - Linda Turner

Play Worker - Lynda Bryant

Bushy Tales Facilitator - Jessica Anton

Community Senior Admin Assistant - Chloe Dix-Beer

We aim to provide a warm welcoming environment to all families who attend both our Centre and our outreach groups. We offer a wide range of groups for all.

The Role of the Family Support Workers

Here at Bushy Leaze we know that being a parent is a wonderful experience but we also understand that it can sometimes be challenging! The FSOWs are here to help you through these difficult periods. They can offer guidance and support either in the home or at the Centre and/or put you in touch with any other agencies that can help you through the difficult period.

In addition they:

  • Run baby and toddler groups
  • Offer opportunities for play, learning and development
  • Help parents to have confidence in themselves as parents
  • Support healthy lifestyles
  • Help with strategies to manage behaviour and offer parenting courses and support
  • Sign post, when needed, to other agencies (ie. health, social care, CAB, housing and support families) to access these agencies if necessary
  • Encourage families to access the Centre and the facilities on offer to reduce isolation
  • Offer baby massage


The Aims of our Groups / Activities

  • To promote parents' and carers' awareness of children's very early learning and development through making the most of everyday activities and interactions.
  • To support parents and carers in their relationships with their children, so that the children's self esteem will be enhanced.
  • To affirm the crucial role of parents and carers as children's first educators
  • To support parent and carers in the development of their children's literacy and numeracy
  • To support parents and carers so that they can encourage the development of positive learning dispositions.


The principals of our centre are to

  • Value parents' and carers' knowledge and experiences of their children, using this as a starting point and building on it by offering ideas and information
  • Work with parents as equal partners
  • Have a non-judgemental approach towards families. This builds on people's strengths, focusing on what they can do, not what they can't
  • Value diversity, welcoming people from all backgrounds and cultures
  • Create opportunities for parents to share experiences and ideas in a safe and supportive environment

This then encourages parents and carers to

  • To learn together with their children
  • To have high expectations of what children and adults can achieve together.